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Test Name: Significant Others Scale
Acronym: SOS
Publisher: GL Assessment
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Author: Wright, S, Johnston, M. & Weinman, J.
Year: 1995
Purpose: To assess five emotional and five practical social support functions in 12 people (including spouse/partner, father, closest sibling, closest child, best friend, other). It has also been simplified to assess four different social support functions (two emotional and two practical) in seven individuals. There are two versions available: SOS(A) in which all seven individuals are specified in the questionnaire and SOS(B) in which the respondednt can select the key individuals to be rated.
Contents: Manual & SOS(A)&(B) questionnaires with full copyright permission.
Age range: Adult
Administration time: 10 minutes.
Qualifications: To use this test you must be, or be supervised by a Clinical Psychologist, occupational therapist or nurse. Held in 'Social Support' in Measures in Health Psychology
Available: True
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