Only for University of Plymouth staff & students.


The Test Library is available to primarily final year students, staff and post-grads, looking to use tests for their studies and is free of charge.

The library consists of over 400 tests and scales.

To borrow a test from the test library:

  • Search for the test you need by clicking 'Show Tests' in the dropdown list above. You can do this by looking at the different categories of tests.
  • To get information about each test click on its acronym. Further information may be available on the publisher’s website if there is a link provided.
  • You can also email to arrange to view a test or tests or request to borrow a test.  
  • When you are certain which test is the one you require you will need to fill out a test request form which must be signed by your project supervisor.

You can access these through the link in the dropdown list above or you can pick one up from Link 303. Alternatively you can download the form and send it to your project supervisor.

If the form is completed and forwarded on to  from the project supervisor, this will be accepted as a signature and the test can be released to the student.
  • Loans are initially for two weeks, although if you need the test for a longer period then this can be extended, dependent upon if there are other staff or students waiting to use the test. You will be reminded by email if your test has become overdue.  
• Non-return of tests will be referred to the Head of Student Experience, Dr Alastair Smith.