Copyright Notice

Please be aware that most tests held in the Test Library are copyright protected and as such cannot be photocopied or reproduced in any other form, without written permission from the publisher. If you wish to reproduce a test in electronic format or otherwise, please read the rest of this section.  
Check with the Information Assistant before borrowing a test, that it is copyright protected or if the School has purchased the copyright for the test at the time of purchase. Permission can be obtained through the publisher, which has been achieved by the School in the past, but it can be a lengthy process, so do not expect a permission to arrive in less than at least a few weeks, if you intend to begin testing sooner than this.  
Infringement of copyright laws can result in the University being liable for heavy fines, a Copyright Licensing Agency investigation and damage to the reputation of the University.  
Where copyright has been purchased, copies of questionnaires, for example, can be made for undergraduate projects by the Information Assistant at their request, as copyrighted test materials have to be bought in at the cost of the School. This results in a fair system of no cost to the student. Funded research will be liable to pay for their materials, although they can be ordered through the Test Library.