Psychometric Test:

Test Name: British Picture Vocabulary Scale II
Acronym: BPVS II
Publisher: GL Assessment
Web Site:
Author: Dunn L.M. Dunn L.M. Whetton C. & Burley J.
Year: 1997
Purpose: One-to-one test that assesses a child’s receptive vocabulary; for each question the teacher says a word and the pupil responds by selecting a picture from four options that best illustrates the word’s meaning.
Contents: Manual; performance records (pack 10); testbook; at a glance guide; technical supplement.
Age range: 3 - 15:8 years
Administration time: 5-8 minutes
Qualifications: To use this test you need to be or be supervised by a Teacher SENCO Educational Psychologist or Speech and Language Therapist
Available: True
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