Psychometric Test:

Test Name: Mini Mental State Examination
Acronym: MMSE
Publisher: Hogrefe Ltd.
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Author: Folstein M.F. Folstein S.E. McHugh P.R. & Fanjiang G.
Year: 2001
Purpose: Test of cognitive function among the elderly; it includes tests of orientation attention memory language and visual-spatial skills.
Contents: Clinical guide; pocket norms card; users guide; response sheets.
Age range: Adult/Elderly adult
Administration time: 10-15 minutes
Qualifications: /b>: CL2 tests may be purchased by individuals who are certified by a professional organisation recognised by Pearson Assessment or have a graduate and/or post graduate qualification relevant to their profession. This qualification code would encompass all psychologists other than those mentioned for CL1 speech or occupational therapists mental health professionals and health practitioners.
Available: True
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