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Test Name: Behavioural Assessment of Dysexecutive Syndrome for Children
Acronym: BADS-C
Publisher: Pearson
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Author: Emslie H. Wilson F.C. Burden V. Nimmo-Smith I. & Wilson B.A.
Year: 2003
Purpose: Measures disorders of planning organisation problem solving and attention. The DES is one of the major areas of cognitive deficit that may impede functional recovery and the ability to respond to rehabilitation programmes.
Contents: Manual; score sheets; stimulus cards; stimulus materials - beads nuts bolts washers 3-D plastic materials; questionnaires; timer.
Age range: 7-16 years
Administration time: 35-45 minutes.
Qualifications: To use this test you must satisfy the requirements of Pearson: CL1 - Professional post graduate qualification and training in Clinical or Educational psychology Chartered Occupational psychologists and individuals with a relevant PhD
Available: True
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