Psychometric Test:

Test Name: Wechsler Pre-School and Primary Scale of Intelligence Revised
Acronym: WPPSI-R
Publisher: Harcourt Assessment, Inc.
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Author: Wechsler, D.
Year: 1990
Contents: Manual; geometric design & record sheets; block design; picture completion; object assembly; layout shield; animal pegs; information pictures; mazes booklet; scoring templates; record forms.
Age range: 3 years - 7:3 years
Administration time: Varies by subtest.
Qualifications: To use this test you must satisfy the requirements of PsychCorp: CL1 - Professional post graduate qualification and training in Clinical or Educational psychology, Chartered Occupational psychologists and indiviuals with a relevant PhD. Superseded by WPPSI - III
Available: True
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