Submission Set up your assignments in Moodle:
Use the following guide as a reference: {Creating an assignment on Moodle}
Please ensure you make the submission templates available to the cohort on the module page using the following documents. {Essay Template} {Practical Template}
Allocation Single marker:
If you as option or module leader are marking the entire cohort, no action is required.
Group marking (tutor/option leader):
Make sure the relevant groups are set up prior to submission.
{Setting up mark groups}.
Then follow the guide:
{Adding markers and allocating scripts}
Team marking (PG or TARA):
This allocation is done after submission.
{Adding markers and allocating scripts}
Moderation Team moderation:
The first script in you marking flow will act as the moderation script: Further information here: {Moderation}.
Statistical moderation:
This can be done using the new tool on the Module Box system. Guidance can be found on the help files for Module Box.
Marking Single or tutor/option leader:
{Marking (single or tutor-option leader)}
Marking team (PG or TARA):
{Marking - Team}
Dissertation Marking (PSYC405):
{Dissertation Marking}
Feedback Module leader
The module leader must review and release the scripts: {Releasing assignments}
Externals Moodle:
Externals will need a Universtiy login to access the DLE. Then adding to the relevant modules to have access to scripts.
Module Box:
Will continue to run:Module Box