Psychology Module Evaluation Survey

We really value your feedback, and it is used to drive improvements across our programmes.

The results of each survey are discussed in detail at the Programme Committee with student representatives, and also at staff meetings. Your responses are collected completely anonymously. You have to login to take part so that we can allocate prizes or participation points, but your responses are not linked to your login.

Participation Point

For stage 1 & 2 students who are still collecting participation points and who elect to complete module evaluation for a point reward, the survey will appear as a study in points manager and you can signup in the normal way. For those in stage 2 and stage 4 who have already met their points requirement, it will be added to the balance you can use for your final year project.

Instant win vouchers

Students who do not need more points will be eligible to win a £10 Amazon credit. Every 10th person who submits their answers will find out that they have won straight away, and be emailed their Amazon voucher code shortly after.

You will be asked to give some simple ratings of a few aspects of your Psychology courses, and will also be invited to add comments to amplify your ratings. Written answers are especially helpful if you wish to praise or criticise a particular aspect of the course or of an individual’s work.