Menopausal Quality of Life Questionnaire

The menopausal quality of life scale measures the impact of the menopause on quality of life. The scale consists of 48 items and takes about 4-5 minutes to complete.


Jacobs PA, Hyland ME, Ley A (2000) Self-Rated Menopausal Status And Quality Of Life In Women Aged 40-63 Years Brit J Health Psych 5 , 395–41

Jacobs PA, Hyland ME (2003) An Evaluation Of The Benefits Of Taking Hormone Replacement Therapy With Other Prescription Drugs Maturitas 46 (4), 273–281

See also:

Zollner YF, Acquadro, C, Schaefer M. (2005) Literature review of instruments to assess health-related quality of life during and after menopause. Qual Life Res 14, 309–327.

Scoring: The questionnaire consists of positive and negative items. Reverse score the positive ones.

A pdf copy of the paper in which this scale was originally published is downloadable Menopausal Quality of Life Questionnaire