Matt is the Programme Leader for BSc Psychology Undergraduate courses at Plymouth University.

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Cognitive and Biological Psychology

I teach on the Stage-2 and Master's level courses on Biopsychology and Neuropsychology.

Teaching on Biological Psychology aims to explore the contribution of biological processes to the genesis and maintenance of behaviour and psychological experience and to provide an understanding of the methods employed in biopsychological and neuropsychological research.

Teaching on Cognitive Psychology aims to provide students with an in-depth and critical understanding of research  in perception, attention and language functioning, and an understanding of theoretical approaches in those areas.


Hemispheric asymmetry: culture, cognition, and the brain

Nearly everyone has heard something about the two sides of the human brain. The differences between the 'left brain' and the 'right brain' have entered popular folklore and outlandish claims abound. But is there any truth to these ideas?

This course discusses aspects of cerebral asymmetry and laterality of function of the human brain. The goal of the course is to better understand how the hemispheres work together to produce perception, cognition, and action. It is hoped that students will, by the end of the course, be able to distinguish baseless claims about the two sides of the brain from hypotheses supported by empirical evidence.

We will consider historical views of left and right, their link to morality, and their reflection in our current culture. We'll investigate the roots of asymmetry in molecules, bodies, and brains. Finally, we'll look at current research investigating cerebral asymmetry and interaction through behavioural, brain-imaging, and patient studies.