In 2012 Matt collaborated with Maryam d'Arbo (Actor: The Living Daylights), Hugh Hudson (Director: Chariots of Fire), and Paul Broks (Producer: Martino Unstrung) to produce brain images for Rupture, a documentary about living with a broken brain.

You can view the trailer here.

In 2015 Matt appeared in the NOVA series The Brain with David Eagleman which screened in the US on PBS in November 2015 and in the UK on BBC4 in 2016. Matt explained the split brain and the alien hand syndrome in Episode 4.

 The Brain with David Eagleman PBS Website

Plymouth students, and those at other participating institutions, can access the TV recordings and clips from Matt's Box of Broadcasts 'CogNeuro' playlist by following this link. You will need to sign in using your institution ID. Alternatively, the episode can be viewed on YouTube here.

In 2017 Matt appeared on BBC Spotlight Southwest and described the new Peninsula Dementia Brain-Image Database (PDBID) which will bring together brain-image data acquired for clinical assessment of suspected dementia with the same type of images acquired from aged people without dementia. This will allow researchers to investigate the effects of age on the brain and the factors that determine why some people age well, but others progress into dementia.

Our research into the effects of autism on learning basic information (conditional and joint probabilities) about the world was covered in the media here. We found that adults with autism and Asperger's syndrome performed better than did adults without those conditions in learning hidden patterns within visually-presented arrays, while children with autism and Asperger's syndrome performed at the same level as age-matched control participants. This research shows that, when information is presented in a manner that plays to the strengths of autistic adults, enhanced performance can result.