Welcome to the Laterality Lab

Our research is aimed at establishing how perceptual, cognitive, and motor processes are integrated between the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain. This is undertaken by a variety of methods including studying patients in whom the hemispheres have been surgically separated (a callosotomy or split brain), functional magnetic resonance (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), and event-related potentials (ERP).

The Laterality Lab is part of the School of Psychology, the Centre for Research in Brain, Cognition and Behaviour and the Cognition Institute at Plymouth University.

We use the MRI facilities at the Peninsula MR Research Centre.

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Contact us at:
School of Psychology,
University of Plymouth
United Kingdom

Ph: +44 01752 584 852
Fax ++44 01752 584 800
Email: matt.roser@plymouth.ac.uk