Improving Moods - A Self-Help Study


Why should you get involved?
This study will give you the chance to improve your mood. It will help you feel less depressed, happier with yourself, and less anxious about the future.
What you will be asked to do?
You will be asked to download a free workbook. The workbook describes mental techniques for you to try out at home.

The mental techniques have been used in the past to help mood. You will be asked to try the mental techniques for 14 days and answer three very short questions every other day via email.

Before you receive your workbook you will be asked to complete some questionnaires that may take around 15 minutes to complete. After 14 days we would like you to let us know if the workbook helped you. We will send you a final questionnaire by email.

The study is purely self-help. All you will need to take part is access to the more

Will self-help work?
Most psychotherapy takes place with a therapist. However, research has shown that self-help therapy – i.e., therapy without a therapist – can be very effective. There are many benefits to self-help therapy, one of which is you can do it in your own time and at home. There are many types of self-help therapy and this study is designed to investigate which ones work best.

You must be over 18 to participate in this study. You are not permitted to take part in this study if you are currently on medication for a psychological condition. read more


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