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Words in Game

Words in Game

a. Words in game: A picture naming task, consisting of a game playing with the cards in which children have to recognise or say the name of the object or the action represented in the card. In addition to the correct productions, the types of errors and the no-responses are helpful for further evaluation of the qualitative aspects on the lexical difficulties of young children. At the Babylab and all over the UK, over 400 children between the ages of 19 and 37 months have taken part to play with over a hundred cards. We hope it will be used in health care settings to assess children with language difficulties.

b. Words in game with gestures: Relationship between gestures and words On a similar study, we are seeing monolingual and bilingual children taking part in a naming task game, to code their vocabulary productions and their spontaneous gesture productions for the investigation of the gesture-word relationship. We look whether deictic and representational gestures play a role in the word learning.