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Our Plymouth Language exposure questionnaire for bilingual is now available online!

Click Here for the Language Exposure Questionnaire (LEQ) for bilingual children

Click Here to read about the purpose of the LEQ

Click Here to watch a video detailing how to use the LEQ

2014 article prize winners Allegra Cattani, Kirsten Abbot Smith, Caroline Floccia et al for best paper of the year!

We would love to meet more very young infants (around 5 months of age) and older children too! We run studies on word recognition, language discrimination, gesture production, visual perception and imitation of movements. Most babies love coming here! Whenever you visit us, we are very pleased to offer you tea or coffee, and as a thank you gift, you can choose amongst our range of Babylab collectables: t-shirts, yoyos, beach balls, mugs, etc. Or you can receive £4 for your travel expenses. Your child is also offered a Babylab balloon and a Young Scientist certificate.

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