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Language exposure questionnaire (LEQ) for bilingual children

Language Exposure Then the following text: “The English LEQ has been created by our own Plymouth Baby Lab (see recent online updated version
Our lab is very busy designing an assessment tool to evaluate whether a bilingual child learning English plus an Additional Language would be developing her two languages at a typical rate, or not. For this, we need to have a better idea of how the amount of exposure that children have for each of their languages can predict how many words they know in each of them. There are many questionnaires around, designed to evaluate this, and we want to determine whether they are all equivalent, by comparing them systematically.”

Our Plymouth Language exposure questionnaire for bilingual is now available online!

Click Here for the Language Exposure Questionnaire (LEQ) for bilingual children

Click Here to read about the purpose of the LEQ

Click Here to watch a video detailing how to use the LEQ